Point Vicente Lighthouse, near Los Angeles, CA

point-vicente-lighthouse1-150x150Point Vicente Lighthouse is located near the intersection of Palos Verdes Drive and Los Verdes Boulevard in the Ranchos Palos Verdes section of Los Angeles.  It’s located about a mile and a half from Marineland of the Pacific.

All seemed perfectly normal at this lighthouse, at least until some local homeowners started complaining about the bright beam disturbing them.  In an effort to appease the homeowners, the Coast Guard blacked out the side of the light that was bothersome.  It seemed that this change somehow summoned the spirit of a tall woman with long, tangled hair.  She is now seen strolling near the lighthouse.  Her flowing gown blows in the wind as she circles the tower.

Locals believe she is the spirit of the first lightkeeper’s wife who fell off a nearby cliff on a very foggy night.  She lost her way in the thick fog and fell to her death.  Some say she has returned as she has become lost in the newly returned darkness.point-vicente-lighthouse-150x150